Basic information


Reel array

Dividend table

Game flow

Stop system

State description

Seg and lamp

No name
1 Seg
2 frame lamp
3 G lash
4 Prometheus+
6 flame lamp

Normal state

It usually consists of three states: High Accuracy and Prometheus (Omen Suggestion). You can check the status with the seg for each status and the color of the frame lamp.
After reaching 888 games in the normal state, G-GAME starts when the number of premonitory games is completed.

Status determination

lamp/status generally accuracy Prometheus
Seg orange orange orange
frame lamp light blue pink orange
flame lamp flashing

G-GAME preparation

It will be the preparation stage until the start of AT. G-GAME starts when 7 replays are established.

State determination

frame lamp White
BONUS flashing


Basic stage of AT bonus

Status determination

Seg orange
frame lamp pink
BONUS lighting

super chronos

Add the number of games Specialized ZONE
segment will be added.

State determination

Seg orange
frame lamp yellow
Glash lighting
BONUS lighting


Continuation/non-continuation is decided after AT ends
AT continuation with all segments

State determination

Seg orange
frame lamp green
BONUS lighting


Basic information

Model type AT bonus
Net increase in AT 1G/about 3 pieces
ceiling function Normal 888 games + α

Bonus Probability / Machine Discount

setting AT Machine split
1 1/278.13 97.80%
2 1/263.53 99.00%
3 1/249.77 102.90%
4 1/237.86 105.50%
5 1/226.01 112.90%
6 1/213.27 119.60%

probability of chance

Common to all settings

bottom right clock top right clock 1st chance second chance
1/109.23 1/168.04 1/2184.53 1/372.36

Mode transition rate

Common to all settings bottom right clock top right clock A Bell B Bell chance eye
23.83% 24.22% 0.39% 2.73% 12.50%

AT rush rate

setting generally
bottom right clock top right clock A Bell B Bell chance pattern
1 5.00% 10.00% 0.07% 0.15% 20.00%
2 5.00% 10.00% 0.13% 0.17% 20.00%
3 5.00% 10.00% 0.17% 0.24% 20.00%
4 5.10% 10.00% 0.20% 0.33% 20.00%
5 5.11% 10.00% 0.26% 0.45% 20.00%
6 5.11% 10.00% 0.28% 0.48% 20.00%

AT rush rate

setting accuracy
bottom right clock top right clock A Bell B Bell chance pattern
1 18.19% 27.98% 0.99% 1.99% 75.00%
2 18.19% 27.98% 0.99% 1.99% 75.00%
3 18.19% 27.98% 0.99% 1.99% 75.00%
4 20.25% 30.02% 1.50% 2.40% 75.00%
5 22.00% 32.06% 1.50% 2.40% 75.00%
6 25.00% 35.00% 2.00% 3.50% 75.00%

Continuation rate of additional reverse rotation freeze

Extra reverse rotation freeze that occurs when entering AT and during AT.
The additional freezing of continuation rate management continues at a maximum of 80%.

AT continuation rate

AT loops with a continuation rate of 33% to 89%.
The higher the setting, the higher the continuation rate will be won.



(1) Overview

It is an internal state and winning state suggestion production.

(2) Effect type and expectation image when lever is operated

Production name degree of expectation
snow, waves
Storm, strong wind, sun, white reverse robe ★★
White reverse robes → robes, red reverse robes ★★★
Flame, Sakurafubuki, Red reverse robes → robes ★★★★
Strong wind
Reverse robe (white)
Reverse robe (red)
Cherry Blossoms blizzard

(3) Effect type and expectation image after 3rd release

Production name degree of expectation
Dokkun (white)
Wind of light/from the left, around the segment/upper left ★★
Wind of light / from the right, around the segment / lower right ★★★
Dokkun (red), shine notice ★★★★
Dokkun (white)
Dokkun (red)
Wind of light/From left
Wind of Light/From Right
Around the segment / lower left
around segment / lower right
Brilliance notice

2. Seg pattern production

(1) Overview

Any of the same numbers will be announced as an AT bonus winning announcement.
The internal state is suggested by the operation pattern of the segment, the type of reach production, and the display result.

(2) Expected results

1.Expectation of each type of outcome

Even numbers (2, 4, 6) and 1<3<5<7

2. Expected result pattern

Barake eyes <Scissors eyes <Middle right aligned <Strong chance eyes (3, 5, 7 only) <Reach eyes (real omen!?)
* The more red numbers, the more chances

Reach pattern

(3) Seg start, rotation, stop pattern

1. Starting pattern

starting pattern degree of expectation
Normal start
start flashing ★★
Start with figure 8 ★★★
Starting from the left segment ★★★★
Starting from the right segment ★★★★★

2. Rotating pattern

rotation pattern degree of expectation
Normal rotation
flashing rotation ★★
rotate in a circle ★★★

3. Stop pattern

stop pattern degree of expectation
Normal stop
stop blinking ★★
Right segment EF occurs before stop ★★★

(4) Expected ball output when seg is aligned

situation Expected ball output
normal medium When the numbers are aligned in the segment, if you are aligned in any of the red segments 333, 555, or 777, you can expect a bonus with a high continuation rate.
333, 555 matching has a high possibility of high continuous AT bonus.
777 matching has a high continuous AT bonus (MAX continuation rate 89%)
Bonus continuation rate of 66% or more is confirmed when 333 are complete in all rotation reach with freeze
During G-GAME 333, 555 sets have a high possibility of winning in the
special zone
Super Chronos Medium 333, 555, 777 set is confirmed to add 3 digits

3.Reach production

The level of bonus expectation changes depending on the developing reach type and content.

1. Various reach expectations and rules

Production name version degree of expectation
normal reach short
Middle ★★★
long ★★★
super long ★★★★★
frame-by-frame reach short ★★
Middle ★★★
long ★★★★
super long ★★★★★
heartbeat reach low speed ★★
Medium speed ★★★
high speed ★★★★
super fast ★★★★★
lightning reach short ★★★
Middle ★★★
long ★★★
super long ★★★★★
cherry blossom chance
Switch to cherry blossom chance with the same scissor eyes of all red!?
countdown reach White < blue < green < red < rainbow changes expectations ★~★★★★★
full rotation reach Is the final stop 333, 555, 777 frozen? ★★★★★

2. Expected reach numbers

The expected degree of numbers at each reach is the image below.
1, 2, 4, 6 < 3 (chance) < 5 (chance) < 7 (very hot)
* Usually, bonuses are common

3.F design

If the F pattern stops on the right segment with normal reach short, it will develop into either frame advance reach or lightning reach.
Frame advance reach and thunder reach have different expectations depending on how many times the F pattern stops during the reach production, and the bonus is confirmed when the F pattern stops 4 times.
(The number of F symbols stopped by normal reach short is also included in the number of times.)
Also, when the F symbol is displayed with loose eyes, it becomes a reach eye, and after that, the clock pattern will be shifted up to 5 times until the bonus is completed.

4.Other productions

1. Pre-announcement production

"BONUS lamp blinking" when operating the lever and "bottom panel turning off" when releasing the 3rd is a confirmed bonus!?