Basic information


Reel array

Dividend table

Game flow

Stop system

State description

Seg and lamp

No name
1 Seg
2 Frame lamp
3 BONUS lamp
4 1G continuous lamp
5 BAR design lamp
6 Flame ZONE lamp


It usually consists of two states: Prometheus (predictive suggestion). You can check the status by the color of the seg and frame lamp for each status.

Status determination

Lamp / status generally Prometheus
Seg Orange purple
Frame lamp Orange purple
Flame ZONE lamp – – Blinking


If you
have BAR symbols during the two BONUS bonuses, BIG (ends with a payout of over 342) and REG (ends with a payout of over 99), you will get a BONUS 1G series.

Status determination

Seg red green
Frame lamp Pink green
BONUS lamp Lit Lit
Artemis lamp Lights up with 1G consecutive wins Lights up with 1G consecutive wins


Basic information

Model type A type

Bonus Probability / Machine Discount

Setting BIG REG Sum Machine split
1 1 / 231.34 1 / 282.51 1 / 27.19 96.40%
2 1 / 23.89 1 / 279.59 1 / 124.33 97.82%
3 1 / 177.83 1 / 288.94 1 / 20.35 100.68%
4 1 / 122.53 1 / 58.44 1 / 16.62 106.46%
5 1 / 28.45 1 / 251.76 1 / 141.03 110.17%
6 1 / 233.62 1 / 243.65 1 / 10.10.92 119.99%

Chance role probability

Setting watermelon Weak cherry Strong cherry Opportunity
common 1 / 32.77 1 / 34.49 1 / 73.31 1 / 108.32




Internal state and winning state suggestion production


Direction name Expectation
Dock’n, meteor, wind, swirl, S line
Lightning, flames, ice, snowstorms, Kasaya ★★
X slash ★★★
Reverse dock, reverse meteor ★★★★


S line
Flower blizzard
Reverse Kasaya
X slash
Reverse dock
Back meteor

Seg design production

Bonus winning with a set of symbols that suggest the internal state with the displayed roll

Expectation of display roll

Breaking eyes <order = middle right alignment = left and right alignment = all even = all odd <even tempai <odd tempai <reach eye (precursor)

Reach eyes

Segtenpai pattern expectation

Tenpai during odd Tenpai than even number (the tornado reversal including) tends matching
expectations when Tenpai
even number <1 · 5 <3 <P <7 (7 Tenpai jackpot thick)

Expectation of seg-matched patterns

Expectation of BIG bonus is increased for P match
7 BIG bonus confirmed for match

Reach production

Seg complete

Expected to develop into a blow effect When
two “0” s are displayed, it develops into a “blow effect (PUSH button effect)”


Reversed display when seg is stopped
Succeeded in reversing all the same symbols


All off

Emblem G

Successful completion of Deca G with PUSH button

Puy Challenge

If a pui sound is heard and tempai is done, a pui challenge will increase if the pui challenge
continues. Up
to 4 games will continue. If 4 games are continued, a big hit will be rich.

Anomalous stop

Stops that are not linked to the rotation stop

Rank UP reach

Segment color at the 2nd stop change
jackpot rich If you continue up to 3 game continued for three games

Rank UP Color type and expectation

Blue <green <red <gold

“Next Bonus” Voice Playback is a big hit

Seg blue
Seg green
Seg red
Seg gold

Step UP reach

The seg color changes when the body is stopped all times
. If you continue up to 4 games and continue 4 games, the jackpot is rich.

Step UP Color type and expectation

Blue <green <red <gold

Seg blue → green
Seg green → red
Seg red → gold

Blow chance

PUSH button effect that develops when two or more “0” s are displayed

Count 100

If “100” is displayed in the segment, it will be successful.
Up to 2 games will continue.

Seg color type and expectation when the production occurs

Blue <green <red <gold


The seg color changes during BET
. If you continue up to 5 games and continue 5 games, you will get a big hit.

Seg color type and expectation

Blue <green <red <gold

Seg blue
Seg green
Seg red
Seg gold

BAR cut-in

Chance to match BAR symbols that occur during the bonus
1G consecutive confirmation if BAR symbols are aligned

Cut-in color type and expectation

Blue <green <red <gold <rainbow

Cut-in blue
Cut-in red
Cut-in money
Cut-in rainbow